New Recall GL 1800


Information for fellow GL 1800 drivers.


Honda Recalls 2001-2004 Gold Wing GL1800/1800A for More Frame Cracks.
On some Honda Gold Wing 1800/1800A motorcycles, certain frame welds do not meet manufacturing specifications.


High loads created when riding on rough road surfaces or through potholes can cause the affected welds to crack.

This recall affects the entire Gold Wing 1800 line from 2001-2004. The only 1800s not affected are those that have already been recalled or repaired previously for frame cracks.

Honda America has told their dealers yesterday 28-01-2005 that the frame weld recall from last year will also effect the building year 2004, so they didn't learn from the two previous years.


Since there were more broken frames they extend the recall to next serial numbers also.


There is another recall for problems with several ABS Honda's ( GL / Pan / CBR / VFR ) for the possibility of a leaking valve (follow the link) in the ABS system.


The following are the VIN's included in the new re-weld recall:

Involves about 19694 Gold Wings.

2003 Model
Non ABS 212217 - 204861 7356 bikes
Abs 201127 - 203256 2129 bikes

2004 Model
Non ABS 300001 - 301683 1682 bikes
ABS 300001 - 300334 334 bikes
In total 34919 units may have been affected.


Also previous bikes could be affected here is the publication from Honda:


American Honda is conducting a Safety Recall on some 2002-2003 GL1800/A Gold Wings to reinforce frame welds. Some units within the affected VIN range may have lower crossmember frame welds that do not meet original manufacturing specifications. Under certain conditions, some of these welds can crack, or fail. This could result in a crash. To date, no rear wheel lock-up, crashes, or injuries have been reported.

American Honda has sent letters per our records to all owners of affected 2002-2003 GL1800/A Gold Wings informing them they must bring their motorcycles to a Honda motorcycle dealer to have the Safety Recall procedure performed. The repair procedure consists of adding additional TIG welding to the frame where the lower crossmember joins the side rails.

If you own one of the affected motorcycles identified as within the VINs listed below and HAVE NOT received a letter, you must bring your motorcycle to a Honda Motorcycle Dealer to have the Safety Recall procedure performed. Please also call Motorcycle Customer Support at 1-866-784-1870 so we can update our records.

Note:  Trikes and vehicles with sidecars attached are excluded from this Safety Recall.

Affected Units serial numbers:


GL1800 (Non-ABS):

1HFSC470*2A111803 thru 1HFSC470*2A113582

GL1800A (ABS):

1HFSC474*2A102394 thru 1HFSC474*2A102823


GL1800 (Non-ABS):

1HFSC470*3A200001 thru 1HFSC470*3A204860

GL1800A (ABS):

1HFSC474*3A200001 thru 1HFSC474*3A201126

(*) = Check digit