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This website is made to give the Goldwing fan information about his own great motorbike, including all the spin-offs from that motorcycle as for instance the Honda Rune, the Goldwing F6B and the Goldwing F6C


I try to keep this website as actual as possible, depending on the information that comes available through any source.


The Goldwing history goes back more then 38 years starting with the GL 1000, Introduced at Germany's Cologne show in October of 1974.  In those days a real sensation. Followed by several other models also to be found here on this website i.e. GL 1100, GL 1200, GL 1500 and the last one the GL 1800. There is also information about the F6B and F6C



I am starting with the bike I own myself, the GL 1500 but there is also a lot of information to find on this website of the older and later models, if you have more info for me feel free to mail me, and i will place it on this website.


Introduction to the Honda GL 1500 Gold Wing.

The GL 1500 Gold Wing was Honda's top of the line touring bike from 1988 to 2001.


In 2001 the GL 1800 Gold Wing was introduced.

The Engine on all GL 1500 models is a liquid cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder 1520 cc with single overhead camshafts and hydraulically operated lifters.


Fuel is delivered to two down-draft CV carburetors by an electric fuel pump.

The front suspension uses a pair of conventional damper rod forks with an anti-dive device built in.


The rear suspension uses a pair of air-adjustable shock absorbers and a swing-arm, with an optional onboard compressor system to adjust the air-pressure in the shocks. Final drive is by a shaft.


The front brakes uses dual disc and the rear brake uses a single disc, the front and rear brakes are interlinked; the brake pedal operates the front left brake as well as the rear brake. The right front brake is operated by the lever on the right handlebar independently of the rear and left front brake. I hope you will enjoy this Goldwing website




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