The making of the GL1800 phase 2


Going from concept to image and design sketches, and then to clay models.  Part 2 of the story of the development of the 2001 Honda Gold Wing. 


Image and Design Sketches


Image Sketch A     Image Sketch B     Image Sketch C      Image Sketch D     Image Sketch E



Image Sketch F      Design Sketch A     Design Sketch B


Hundreds of sketches are eventually sorted into three key design sets and labeled Mechanical, Conservative, and Integrated. Mechanical design sketches feature the least amount of bodywork and expose the beautiful high-tech internals and frame. Conservative design sketches closely resemble the GL1500 design. Integrated design sketches create a flowing shape that covers the frame and mechanical parts of the motorcycle.


After numerous discussions and design meetings, the design group narrows their focus to two drawings from the Mechanical design set. The primary difference in the two design sketches is the area of exposed frame. To display the best qualities of the two design sketches, a design competition is begun between two subgroups. Utilizing 3-D drawings, each group creates a 1/8-scale clay model to further evaluate the two designs.


1/8-Scale Clay Models



Clay model A        Clay model B        Clay model C        Clay model D        Clay model E 


The clay model competition begins one month later. A skeleton base (image 1/8-Scale Clay Model A) serves as a platform for a clay model. These images show the finishing and final inspection of the clay model whose design covers the aluminum frame. Four months after the start of the modeling project, the two models are brought together for evaluation.


The competing design teams compare the clay models and discuss the reasons for their particular design. The team that creates the model with the exposed aluminum frame argues persuasively that the design best reflects the Gold Wing's powerful new engine and high-tech frame. The teams eventually reach agreement, allowing for a portion of the GoldWing's frame to be exposed.


The next order of business is the creation of 3-D sketches for the winning design.


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Courtesy of American Honda Motor Company.