It all started with this story: approximately 20 years ago, my brother owned a Honda Goldwing GL 1200, and I was riding a Honda Magna 750 in those days. My brother was moving to another home and asked me if I would ride his wing to his new home.... 


This website would not have been existed if that didn't occur, so thanks Bro :)


I must admit I was a little scared riding such a big bike towards his new home, but soon (after the first three corners) I felt so comfortable on his bike that I almost fell a sleep, it was such a relaxing ride with the stereo on, that I right then and there on that GL 1200 decided I needed such a bike for my own piece of mind and to relax from the daily stress!


I was swinging on the music, people must have thought I was crazy with flapping hands up and down dancing on the music from the wing's stereo!




So, I bought a GL 1200 1987 and started to enjoy driving like I never did before, I ride since I am 18 years old on several motorbikes (mostly Honda's) but this was the first time I felt really relaxed, before I had bikes which go faster and every corner was a challenge. Well, I was younger in those days :P 


And finally I could leave my toothbrush at home, no bugs between my teeth, no wind through my jacket, what a difference ! After all I became a little older when I bought my first wing.


Memories came back to me when I saw myself in 1975 drooling at the GL 1000 in the window, riding a Suzuki GT 250 myself in those day's. I had very strong legs then from kick starting the Suzuki 15 minutes every morning to go to work........


It was my first and last Suzuki, never wondered why because I owned it for 6 weeks and it was more at the dealer for starting problems then it was at home, so I gave it back to him and bought a brand new Honda GL 500 Four. ( couldn't afford the GL 1000 then ) and that one started electrically, so my legs aren't that strong anymore due to lack of practicing kick starts.


But I get distracted by memories, sorry, back to the story of this website.


So after 10 years on that GL 1200 I was visiting my dealer and there was my current bike standing shining and winking to me for a price I could afford. Damn, what are men weak if they see something we like! I Know I am not speaking for myself here :P


So, I took it for a test drive home, my lovely wife was shocked when she saw me riding on a strange bike ( the Honda Goldwing GL 1500 that I own at this time) she was with a friend of her riding in the opposite direction when she recognized my helmet and sunglasses. She told her friend, oh-oh that's going to cost money! I better not spend too much then today :)



When she came home and saw the big 6 cylinder beast for the first time, and I asked her to come with me for a ride, she was sold because she was sitting like the British Queen ( hmm.. picture that ! ) on the rear seat with arm rests and great back support.


Anyway, my dear wife and I bought the GL 1500 and didn't regret a moment of it ! It was then when I decided out of love for this bike to start with this website and create a portal for myself and all other wing lovers in the world.


So, if you wonder why I don't own a GL 1800?


I have refused to test the bike ( although my dealer pushes me to test ride it ) because at the moment I don't need a second mortgage on my house, the GL 1800 in Holland would cost me over 30.000 Euro. That's approx 40.000 Dollar at the time of writing this. Maybe if my GL 1500 stops running, but I doubt if that will ever occur :)

Maybe some day a good occasion might come in sight !


Since the start in February 2004, this website has grown into a really well visited website for wingers around the globe, and I have all my visitors to thank for that.





My latest Goldwing, the gray one is replaced.


Keep visiting this website, as long as you enjoy it I will keep it online and expand it !


Teus Reijmerink owner webmaster,

Feel free to email me but ask questions on the forum please so that other visitors benefit from the answers!