In developing the new GL1800, the development team thoroughly discussed from the customer's viewpoint. With the thinking that we would like to have many people around the world enjoy the ex­hilaration of motorcycles in comfort and safety:

  • Further emphasize the individual design with a solid presence and realize a longed-for styling that inspires desire at first glance.

  • Give further satisfaction with the joy of ownership and the joy of riding through comfort functions.

  • Increase the peace of mind that allows the rider to ride anywhere.

The development team decided to naturally evolve the GL1800 to make it compatible with the next generation while meeting customer needs and the demands of the times, and to set up a peerless benchmark in the luxury touring category with a charm that brings joy to customers around the world.

Following the previous development keywords "King of Motorcycles," we united a nimble design brimming with vitality and an elegant, dignified styling with an imposing air. By evolving the audio and navigation systems to further set the King of Motorcycles concept, flowing unbroken from predecessor models, we moved forward with development aiming for the highest level of comfort.


Gold Wing - Concept


Source: Honda Worldwide

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